Four retired members of the Shanghai Women’s Football Team jointly opened the old hot pot restaurant teammates to support _1

Four retired members of the Shanghai Women’s Football Team jointly opened the old hot pot restaurant teammates
On the evening of March 14th, the Chinese women’s football team wasted a lot of opportunities in the Algarf Cup competition for the fifth place last night and defeated the Danish team in the penalty shootout.The glory of Chinese women’s football is no longer, a large number of young internationals have bid farewell to their careers in the golden age.However, according to regular media reports, after leaving the football circle, the girls of the women’s football are still very business-savvy.Retirement to coaching is a routine way for athletes to switch.Sun Ling, Ding Beili, Huang Luna and Ji Ting, retired members of the Shanghai Women’s Football Team, did not take the usual path. They opened a hot pot restaurant on Anyuan Road in Shanghai.During the trial operation, the old teammates came together to help, and even Sun Wen and Pu Wei came.Ding Beili puts food skewers on bamboo sticks and puts gold medals in the store. The four girls opened an ordinary hot pot city. There are a dozen square tables on the upper and lower floors. The only difference is that the ordinary hot pot restaurant is in the glass window.Full of gold medals, trophies, photos.record the glory of the store owner.The three girls are wearing exactly the same sportswear in the shop. This is their overalls.  The girls arrived at the store at 8 in the morning to start the distribution and cleaning, and officially started the business in the lunch market at 12 o’clock.There is no break in the afternoon, and they want to prepare for the night market non-stop. The business hours of the night market are from 5:30 pm to 12 pm.After the quarrel does not hurt feelings Huang Luna is a “news spokesperson” among her friends.Sun Ling has a restrained personality and is now learning to cook in the kitchen.Ding Beili retired early. Before, she was a salesman at a children’s English training institution. She is familiar with management and has rich social experience, so she is responsible for the management in the store.Ji Ting was unable to stay in the store because of the class, so she needed to complete some things that required telephone contact.  Huang Luna said that the investment of the four small partners is the same, and many things have to be done by themselves.She said: “It’s not that I don’t have enough money to invite two more people. I don’t even worry. When I sleep at home in the morning, I always think that the store must be busy today. I must come here, even if I sit in the store to helpString bamboo sticks also felt calm.”All four people think this way.  There are more partners, and there are naturally more opinions. Huang Luna said that the four of them also quarreled, even if the quarrel is over, they will never hurt their feelings.She thinks it has something to do with football as a team sport.