Burning self without leaving the way back, Judy completes the road of Qi Weige’s best actress

Burning self without leaving the way back, “Judy” completes the road of Qi Weige’s best actress
This year’s Oscar prediction list has the same two names: the heroine of “Judy” Renee Zweig and the hero of “The Clown” Joaquin Phoenix.In the end, Oscar’s results also predicted what the people wanted, and the award was won by these two.Stills of “Judy”.This does not mean that the 2020 Oscar Awards are still conservative and stubborn. The Korean film “Parasite” dramatically won four consecutive awards, and even made history as the first non-English movie to win the “Best Film” award.The pressure on the popular player of the award season “1917”, the breakthrough shows that the college strives to make a breakthrough, and more respect for the turn of the film author.”Clown” won the Golden Lion Award in Venice of Water City, and became a phenomenal R-class movie after its release. Joaquin Phoenix’s explosive performance broke through the seal and entered the annals of history.It can be said that the number of trophies is not excessive.But the biographical film “Judy” was mediocre, imdb7.The rating of 0 is not satisfactory, why can Renee Zweig lock the little gold man?Conclusion, and the gold ranking of the best actor nomination list, this year’s best actress unit is particularly bleak, whether it is Charlize Theron of “Breaking News” or Scarlett Johansson of “Marriage Story”,There are no absolutely eye-catching characters, let alone breakthrough performances.The other nominees either have the advantage of a minority ethnic group, or have sufficient qualifications to accompany most of them.Stills of “Judy”.And Renee Zweig and her “Judy”, can be described as occupying the right time and place, and was born for the award season.Biographical film, this is the exclusive type of sprint performance award.Hollywood directors were able to push the camera to the side of the actor fully and unscrupulously; the actors stepped on their inner world with every trace of wrinkles and every pore to show their acting skills.What’s more, the core character of this biographical film is legendary master Judy Garland-8th in the American Film Institute’s 100-year greatest list, the symbol of the times, the queer idol, the movie music theater, the amphibious, a good voice, beautifulOutstanding, the masterpiece “Flying Over the Rainbow” is still the golden song that is popular all over the world.Which one did not sharpen his head and wanted to be her on the big screen?What’s more, the genius who experienced the “facelift and face-changing” storm, and his career entered a trough, stopped facing Renee Zweig.She had the best supporting actress in the Oscars in “Lengshan”, and she must have been eager to return to the top.The film focuses on middle-aged Judy, whose career is declining, facing bankruptcy, emotional frustration, parenting confusion, and alcohol addiction out of control . She has almost reached the lowest point in her life.At this time she received an invitation to sing in London for five weeks.Judy, who was completely devastated by drugs, almost lost her confidence to board the stage although she arrived in London; with the help of her assistant, she stepped on the stage again and again with the last bit of love for singing, regardless of the audience’s boosAnd work hard to complete the show.The fate of Judy Jialanying’s early death is well known to the world; the story of “Judy” is just another typical routine of “the fall of the giant star”.Even Tom Agui, the gold screenwriter of “Crown”, can hardly save the film’s lack of novelty and weak drama tension.Stills of “Judy”.It is in such a limited play space that Renee Zweig, who has an infinite resonance with Judy, burst out with amazing acting skills.She is too thin, and her pathological figure fits perfectly with Judy’s diet for many years.When she struggled to tuck herself into the gorgeous costume and dragged herself onto the stage, there was still fading nervousness on her pale cheeks, and she was shivered with the spotlight under her thick makeup, trembling, frowning and pursing her lips.It ‘s Judy Garland ‘s charming look.Even if you predict that the story is cliché, the script is mediocre, the character arc is not full enough, and the emotion of watching the movie can’t help but fluctuate through Qi Weige’s performance.In a London performance under various circumstances, in the continuous flow of countless hotels, Zweig used a variety of methods, and the microscope generally dissected Judy Garland suffering from mental illness.The release of makeup, hysterical or closed still, fully reproduces the tragedy of how a weak woman has emerged because of genius, but how she was exploited by Vanity Fair to despair.Everyone can guess that singing “Flying Over the Rainbow” will be the highlight moment of the film, but the moment Qi Weige spoke, in addition to striving for a precise degree of reduction, people will inevitably be the spiritual field of the soul singer on the stageShocked by the domain.Music biographies have been popular in the past two years, but Qi Weige only sang this one in person, and defeated most of his peers whether they were awarded or not.The audience walked into the theater with the illusion of the great actors and the sad death of the legend, but witnessed Qi Weige’s tragic dismemberment.Maybe someone no longer buys biographical biographies to manipulate the emotions of the audience, or is tired of the movie investment tricks of consuming personal history, but no one can refuse the superb performance of Renee Zweig from the tragedy.The award season was bombarded all the way, from the Golden Globe Award to the British Film Academy Award, and even the Independent Spirit Award created on the eve of the Oscar, and until the final battle of the small gold men, Renee Zweig swept all the best and won all the best.The heroine’s bonus is just because she burns herself like this, and she doesn’t leave a retreat for acting.”Judy” completed her.□ Gu Caocao (film critic) Sauna Night Editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Zhai Yongjun