2015 Australian Open-Berdych wins Nadal and advances to the semifinals with 17 consecutive losses

2015 Australian Open-Berdych wins Nadal and advances to the semifinals with a 17-game losing streak
Beijing time on January 27th, the Australian Open 2015 entered its ninth game day.In the first end of the men’s singles 1/4, the final upset, the No. 3 seed, although the 2009 tournament champion Nadal once saved three match points, but still 2-6 / 0-6 / 6-7 (5) Lost to No. 7 seed Berdych, missed the promotion to the quarterfinals.Berdych, who reached the semi-finals for the second consecutive year, also stopped a 17-game losing streak against Nadal since 2007!Nadal was the 22nd career of Berdych and Nadal in the game. Nadal led by 18 wins and 3 losses on the record.And since 2007, the Spanish champion has defeated Berdych 17 times in a row, which is also the longest consecutive winning streak since the Open era.Berdych showed an excellent state in 2015. He achieved 11 wins in 12 games including three exhibition games, but Nadal struggled.So this is probably the best opportunity for the Czechs to turn over.  At the beginning of the game, Berdych scored four goals in the opening game, showing an excellent offensive feel.Nadal also quickly found the feel of hitting the ball, guarding the serve and chasing the score to 1-1.Berdych, who won the third inning, began to show his ambitions. With a far-reaching return, he took the lead in achieving a break, and after saving two break points, Berdych broke a corner and served directly to wrap, bringing out 4-1 lead.Nadal Baofa, who sent out Love Game, recovered a game.However, Berdych, who had the bottom line full of firepower, did not give in at all, and continued to lead 5-2 after the hair was issued.Nadal’s end of the set was continuously hit hard by Berdych at the serving end, and after a bad break, he lost the first set contest 2-6.  Nadal, who was behind in a set, showed some impatience. In the first set of the second set, he returned to the net for a backhand shot.In contrast, Berdych continued the excellent performance since the first set, and took a 3-0 lead after the smooth security.After being fully restrained, he subsequently lost the serve again after sending out a double error and played a beautiful forehand to win points. The Czech has already led 5-0.Berdych, who was not slack, was then counted after receiving a beautiful backhand win from the serve.Nadal, who was under pressure to serve from the outside corner, was again highlighted by his opponent’s direct backhand small slash.The Czech completed the liquidation 6-0 just in the event of surprise to everyone.  Berdych, who has won four goals in a row, led 1-0 in the third set.Nadal, who is actively promoting his morale, also won the serve, and finally stopped the decline of nine consecutive innings.After the midday stalemate, Berdych forced a break point in the 4-3 leading service game.In the crisis, Nadal blasted the Ace ball, and it was difficult to keep the tie.The missed opportunity of the Czechs remained stable. After relying on the serve to resolve the two break points, they continued to pressure Nadal 5-4.The two sides have developed their own, and Berdych can counterattack in the twelfth inning to obtain two match points 40-15.But the stubborn Nadal still scored four goals in a row and dragged the game into the tie-break.In the tie-break, Berdych still maintained a steady state of mind, eventually becoming a super offensive strength, and soon led 5-1.Although Nadal recovered to 5-6 once after saving the match point, Berdych still won 7-5, ending a 17-game losing streak against Nadal.(Benson)