After losing to the Dream Team, Brother Alphabet needs to win at least 12 points in the final round

After losing to the “Dream Team”, Brother Alphabet needs to win at least 12 points in the final round
The American men’s basketball team has a deep relationship with the Greek men’s basketball team. The last time the “Dream Team” lost in the World Series was given by the Greek team who worshiped the 2006 World Championships.After more than ten years, the strong dialogue between the two teams has once again become the focus of the World Cup, and is even considered by the outside world as a preview of the finals.”Letter brother” Adetokumbo and the NBA star peak match, but also drew fans’ appetite.”Alphabet Brothers” played effectively in the game, contributing 15 points and 13 rebounds. The personal performance of countering the one-stop dunk after stealing also made fans addicted. They couldn’t help but beat four hands, 53 to 69, Shinco NBA regular seasonMVP finally failed to overcome the greek men’s basketball team and laughed to the end.After this campaign, the American men ‘s basketball team won four consecutive victories and basically locked a quarter-finals in the World Cup. The Greek men ‘s basketball team still has the hope of being in the quarter-finals. They need to win the Czech Republic in the final game to have a chanceJoin the US men’s basketball team in the finals.The focus of “Letter of the Alphabet” opened the sword, showing the regular season MVP style “Adetokounmpo is very special, especially when he plays for the Greek team, he will become a superhero.”This is the evaluation of the new men’s regular season MVP” Alphabet “before the US men’s basketball coach Popovich.This statement is not a polite one. The US men’s basketball team has already taught the dominance of the “Alphabet Brothers” in the NBA and even came to the international arena. This “Greek monster” is still very scary.After coming to China with the Greek team, the “Brother of Letters” did not immediately enter the state, and the team also encountered certain troubles in the group stage.After being reversed by the Brazilian team, the Greek team was thrilled to advance to the semi-finals by using the outbreak of the “Alphabet Brothers” in the final battle. The 2 wins and 1 loss group stage record also made them less likely to advance to the top 8.”Alphabet Brothers” opened strong inside.”Alphabet Brother” dominates the inside.This campaign challenged the American men’s basketball team, the Greek team must win the defending champion, in order to master the initiative to qualify for the semi-finals.Knowing this, the “Letter of the Alphabet” was extremely aggressive in the game. He opened his sword and broke the layup. He made a three-point shot from the outside and dunked from the basket. The 7-point performance in 3 minutes made the Greek team bite the score.In fact, throughout the group stage, the “Alphabet Brothers” did not play well, overcoming the rules of the international arena, and the opponent’s targeted defense. The “Alphabet Brothers” did not have many opportunities to hold the ball and attacked.8.7 times, averaging 15.7 points is not the team’s highest, until playing against New Zealand before playing good performance.Faced with a strong American team, “Alphabet Brothers” showed no fear. He shot 7 of 11 shots, scored 15 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 interval.Especially at the end of the third quarter, the personal performance of the one-stop dunk after the “Letter Brother” steals in the backcourt detonated the audience. Tens of thousands of fans shouted “MVP”.The defeat was due to the effectiveness of the Bossian tactics. The teammates played inaccurately. The Greek team had a good plan. The “dream team” had a wall ladder.The performance of the “Alphabet Brothers” MVP level ultimately failed to overcome the Greek team’s victory. Except for the factors that the teammates played poorly, the US team did indeed play better.The veteran coach Popovich is planning, the American men’s basketball team has played very team-wide, and has overcome patience. The defensive tactics formulated for the “Alphabet Brother” have also successfully worked.From head coach Popovich to assistant coach Steve Kerr, they are very familiar with the “Alphabet Brothers” in the NBA. When they lead their respective NBA teams against the Bucks, the “Alphabet Brothers” are their defense.the key of.Popovich revealed before the game that he has been thinking about how to defend Adetokounmpo for half a year.”Alphabet Brothers” suffered from multiple men’s doubles in the American men’s basketball team.Photo / Osports, from the beginning of the game, led by Miles Turner, Middleton, Barnes, as long as the “brother of letters” rushed to the basket, the three people in the restricted area became the norm. Most of the time, “Alphabet Brothers” must pass the ball to the hands of outside teammates, and the Greek team’s 7-pointer in 27 of 27, doomed them to laugh to the end.Brook Lopez is the teammate of “Letter Brother” in the Milwaukee Bucks. Lopez said jokingly before the game, “There is no doubt that he will ‘kill’ us on the court.”This is indeed the case.” Letter Brother “has made the American team suffer too much, but the victory does not belong to the Greek team in the end.This “Civilian Dream Team” showed that it did not lose the tactical qualities of the Spurs coached by Popovich. In the face of a team with superstars, it shared the ball more selflessly, more patiently attacked, and more fiercely defended.Let them play well in the face of the Greek team, Walker, Mitchell’s final ability to help the US team successfully pass.The hope to advance to the top 8 is still there. In the final round, the Czech team must be overcome to overcome the more abundant staff rotation and targeted tactics. While the American men’s basketball team defeated the Greek team, they also basically locked a promotion to the top 8 with a record of 4 wins and 0 losses.Of places.In Group K, where the American men ‘s basketball team is located, another 8 top places will be generated between Brazil, Czech Republic and Greece. Suspense will be announced in the final round.Before the official start of the quarter-finals, the United States, Brazil maintained a three-game victory, the Czech team, the Greek team’s record of 2 wins and 1 loss, the latter two’s qualifying range is not optimistic.However, the Czech Republic’s victory over Brazil in the afternoon of September 7th gradually made this group’s qualifying complex.The current ranking of Group K.Although the Greek team lost to the US team, they did not close the door to the quarterfinals.Considering that the American team still strives for the first place in the group, in order to avoid the stronger team in the first round of the knockout, against the Brazilian team in the final game, they will certainly not underestimate the enemy, with a high probability of winning 5 knockouts.If the U.S. team wins in five games, the result of the Greek team and the Czech team will determine another qualifying place in Group K.If the Greek team finally defeats the Czech team, the Greek team, the Czech team, and the Brazilian team will have a record of 3 wins and 2 losses, the three teams will compete with each other in net points to determine the final ranking and qualifying places.As of now, the Brazil team has a negative goal score of 21 points, the Czech team has a positive goal point of 22 points, and the Greek team has a negative goal point of 1 point. The Brazilian team has basically been out of the game.Dialogue becomes crucial.To regain the 23 points difference between the two sides, the September 9 match, the Greek team need to beat the Czech team by at least 12 points, in order to rank second in the K group, overpowering the Brazil team, the Czech team qualify.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Fan Jinchun